Making math lessons fun, intuitive and accessible


The Unique Expressions


Custom Software Development

Making math lessons fun, intuitive and accessible


The Unique Expressions is an educational platform and marketplace that allows teachers to discover and assign their students' beautifully interactive math assignments. Allowing teachers rich insights into their students growth and improvement opportunities.

Key Insights

The Unique Expressions had a great product that gamified math assignments. Making it possible for teachers to push their students with complex problems without alienating them. Their strong community of teachers were committed to the mission of the company and how they approached the problem. But The assignments the company made were hard to make, both in mental energy and time commitment, and hard to complete. Requiring extensive explanation to students to understand them.

Furthermore, The one-time nature of the assignments made it difficult to expand the business. An additional subscription-model would help bolsters the company’s growth. We determined the greatest impact we could make is by creating a platform that would allow the company to more easily scale production while automating & improving the harder parts of the product for teachers and students alike.

Project Outcomes

Streamlized Production
  • Through autocompletion and automatic verification, production of the assignments scaled up significantly faster than ever before.

  • Furthermore, the underlying design of the platform, allows the company to expand its businesses to new types of interactive assignments with ease.

Tailored Customer Experiences
  • Through Rich Previews, teachers were able to experiment and understand the assignments more deeply before purchasing.

  • Based on their activity and those of teachers like them, we could tailor recommendations of assignments that would be most useful for them.

  • For the community’s super users, the subscription model allowed them access to the vast selection of assignments the platform provided.

Rich Insights & Interactions
  • Provided classroom and assignment-wide analytics. Allowing teachers to understand which students were struggling and were overall the class was struggling.

  • Created a rich and interactive experience for students, allowing them to more intuitively complete assignments.

The Unique Expressions had previously operated a traditional e-commerce business but wanted to expand its services into the software scene to increase its reach. By integrating both the marketplace and interactive assignments into a single unified platform, The Unique Expressions and our team were able to feed each other in a virtuous cycle. Centralizing both the purchasing and assignment activity allowed us to build better recommendation algorithms for the marketplace. It also allowed us to develop better analytical algorithms for the assignments.

Because of this centralized system, customers received more valuable information and eventually led to better value in sales. Additionally, this platform became a foundation to a new subscription-based business model that allows them to reinvest more into the growth of their business.

We at Valencian Digital were there with The Unique Expressions every step of the way. Our team helped them from the project's initial design and product development to implementing and managing the complete solution. We provided them with the necessary support and information to complete the project. Now, we are working with them to strategize and develop a revolutionary solution that would deeply integrate with school systems and large-scale educational organizations.