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We take all the time necessary to fully understand your vision, product, current business, and existing technology stack. We then help to define and architect your product, including research and strategy sessions.

From there, we build it through collaboration and our time-tested software development proccess until you’re satisfied.

Discover & Define


Discover & Define

During the project's initial phase, we will focus on aligning the short-term and long-term product vision with you. Collaborating with you and other key stakeholders to refine user stories and verify initial assumptions.

As part of this we'll develop a more comprehensive list of deliverables, requirements, and timetables from a product and technical perspective throughout our journey together.

User Research

Market Analysis

Tech Audits

Perception Testing

Research & Strategy


Research & Strategy

Its absolutely critical that all service providers, tools and platforms used for the project are in complete alignment with both your company's short and long-term vision.

During this phase, we'll analyze and evaluate every critical architectural and operational component of the project to assure that it will be able to meet your current needs while providing the flexibility needed for your business to continue innovating.

Operational Architecture

Integration Analysis

Total Cost & Migration Cost Evaluation

Security & Compliance

Develop & Test


Develop & Test

There are two key aspects of the platform that we closely monitor to assure they adhere to the highest level of excellence: experiential and foundational. Both from a user and system perspective, we will make sure that everything is built to the highest standard of excellence.

We will make sure that it is easy and intuitive for you to keep track of any issue that may arise, and escalate any concerns you may have with the team. Aligning ourselves to your business goals, product objectives and roadmaps.

Software Development

Product Iteration

DevOps & Cloud Management

QA,SAST\DAST, Integration & Unit Testing

Scale & Support


Scale & Support

After the project's completion, we will collaborate with you to ensure that your software will be a resounding success upon its launch.

In addition to Lifeline support at the end of projects, we provide a range of options depending on what makes the most sense for your business.

System Deployment

Performance Evaluation

Maintenance & Refinement

Security Reports

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